• The Washington Bus Fellowship

    A politics, social justice and community building program, brought to you by the Washington Bus Education Fund.

  • We are a movement.
    Young people are the largest and most diverse generation in the history of the United States. As young people, we organize across parties, issues and identities to make Washington a better place. We bring arts, music, and politics together to build something bigger than a campaign.

    We are game changers.
    Young people have been at the forefront of every social justice movement in United States history. We come as we are. We can wear suits, but we can also wear hoodies and sneakers. Or, in some cases, cardboard robot suits. We use grassroots organizing and political tactics to make real, progressive change, and we make sure to have fun while we’re at it.

    We are rising.
    We know that politics don’t just happen in the capitol – politics is about engaging our communities and mobilizing our friends and families. Leaders aren’t just the folks in office, leadership is about knowing you have the ability to empower yourself.

    The Washington Bus Fellowship gives young people the skills and tools to rise up and make some real change.

  • “The summer was transformative and door opening. Without my summer with the Bus, my passions would be misdirected. Now I can put my interests and skills to work, making positive change in my community. I’ve obtained mentors and relationships that will help create opportunities, and confidence that I can make change. Now, I can see myself working in politics – and am confident I’ve acquired the skills to do so. ”

    — Tyler Wayne Patterson, 2013 Fellow